Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is the average foot size of a 10-11 y/o girl?

What is the average foot size of a 10-11y/o girl? Tell me what foot size is normal for a 10-11 year old girl?
like a size 4, 5 or 6. and it depends how tall u are. if u are short ur feet may be smaller. but if u are tall, ur feet may be bigger
depends. Ide say8-9
my foot size is 8 1/2 but it really depends on your hight too
the average foot size of a healthy 10-11 y/o girl would be 6 to 7.
i think when i was 10 i was like like a 6 1/2...? most girls end up as a 8 or 81/2 though
It depends on your height.
My daughter 11 class just measured their feet a few days ago. The foot size in her class ranged from size 5 to size 8, with an average of about 7. These kids all have 'normal' sized feet for their body size.

Over all size has a big impact on foot size, but it is not always height. Different people have different sized body parts. My daughter is the third shortest in her class and has the biggest feet out of 12 girls.

It goes with everything else, we all have different breast size, eye size, nose size, ear size, bone structure, etc... There is no 'normal' anything and it just goes with who they are and how they are built.
It really does depend on your height (how tall you are).

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