Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is the best tampon brand.?

Tommorow im going to buy/try tampons for the first time im a little nervous, but i want to know which brand works the best

Playtex. They have plastic applicators instead of cardboard which makes them easier to insert. Plus they are better to use if you are young.
The Arnold brand.

Call me. I'll take care of that hole.
always brand. keeps you comfy for starters
tampax pearl
Tampax Pearl are my favorite. They're easy to insert and they've got a braided string so it gives a bit of extra protection just in case.
tampax pearl feels the best and is the best
Tampax Pearl.
I'm not as picky about the brand as I am about makingsure I get a plastic applicator.They seem to go in easier %26 are more comfortable.
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playtex sport if your in2 sport or move around alot
or just normal playtex unscented.scented can cause the way it doesn't hurt just relax when u put it in.

Don't be nervous it is a part of life. I like Playtex. They expand all over. Tampax expands up and out. Try a sample box of both and see for yourself. You could try to go on each wesite. sometimes you can get free samples.
I like playtex pearl. Very comfortbable and good protection.
Playtex also makes ones that are "travel" sizes, so you can fit them in your pocket secretly.
Also, if you are into sports %26 very active, they have a playtex sport that is a little different for those of us who move around a lot, and need good coverage - like during sports.

Good luck!!
i love tampax PEARLS..they go in good and they are great protection. Just when you do this for the first time just take your time and breath. know that nothing can get stuck up there and you can not hurt anything inside of you by using a tampon. Try the smallest size they have and then get used to it. once you try a tampon you will love it. no more big bulky pad. they are great.
I think it all depends on your preference. Some tampons are easier to put in than others (Playtex Sport and Kotex are easy to put in). They all have the same absorbency levels, so don't be worried about that). If you don't want an applicator to deal with, try O.B. Some are all natural and you buy those at Whole Foods, or stores like it. Tampax has an extra light tampon which is good when your flow is really light.
I think you will end up trying different ones, but ultimately, you will find one that suits you best.
If you are stuck at an airport, or public restroom, they usually stock Tampax.
Tampax...but stay away from anything scented. Also if you don't want to use your finger to push it in then stay away from O.B. Get the ones with a smooth glide applicator because they are the easiest and most comfortable to get in there.

***ALSO*** get the lowest absorbency possible for your flow...using a tampon that is too 'strong' for you puts you at risk for toxic shock syndrome...and remember to change it every 4-6 hours. Leaving it in longer then that can also put you at risk. Don't get freaked about it but remember that knowledge is power.
Tampax Peral....! are the best
I have tried other brands and i have stuck with these.start off with small ones than work your way up...good luck
i wear tampax pearl plastic, i hate cardboard applicators, they're so uncomfortable going in...plastic is much more comfortable...
definatley....tampax pearls
Tampax pearl is what i hear
I know a lot of people have said this already, but my vote would also be for Tampax Pearl.
I really find that Tampax pearl works well , and if you're tryin tampons for the first time ,you might want to try plastic ,cardboard is a little tricky the first time
To feel comfortable always and always
tampax pearl! they come in a cute blue box they have a multipack buy that! it comes w/ lites, regular, super... they have scented and unsented! i luv them
Tampax pearl
whatever you do, stay away from cardboard applicators. the plastic ones make for a much more comfortable insert. i personally hate tampax, and i swear by Playtex Gentle Glide tampons. they're so comfortable.
yeah i want to try wearing tampons too. but i heard the playtex sport works. i heard they were way more comfortable. also some tampons tend to slide out. i heard these dont slide out! i am gunna try this brand.

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