Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is something filling that I can eat during the time prior to my cycle?

It's like I keep craving something and I can't never figure out what it is and I just keep eating. This is not a good thing because I have been really good and lost a pile of weight since last year at this time but this week always gets me.
First determine if you want something sweet or savoury. etc.. Then avoid anything salty. that will add to "period Bloating" Fruit is always good to avoid weight gain if you're craving sweet stuff. I like fresh Pineapple, All that fiber fills you up. Also strawberries w/out sugar, but instead given a drizzle of lowfat chocolate syrup. In savoury foods A big Cobb salad and multi-grain Wasa Crispbreads do it for me.
maybe a Bannana because It is filling and good for you..
salad is tremendously filling. try high fiber cereal like frosted mini wheats too they're not too many calories and will fill you up
Drink lots of water %26 snack on fruit or salad when you get the munchies. Not only will you feel full but you'll be eating healthier and you'll keep the pounds off. Don't forget to exercise!
Try protein. Cheese, peanutbutter or protein drinks.

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